Months went on like this then he turned it sexual

Months went on like this then he turned it sexual

My advice is to NOT forgive until you are certain your cheating spouse has figured his/her head out and are on a healthy path. DO NOT be like me and forgive within a few weeks/months and never bring it up again, thinking it Apoio dream singlesA will be better for your marriage to not “make your poor cheating spouse relive his/her stupidity”. After all, this is something we as betrayed spouses NEVER forget. Right? Here is something not to forget….They put us last. PUT YOURSELF FIRST NOW! Good luck to us all.

If I posted stuff on fb about how I loved my husband he would pop up and demand pictures

Ok. I’m a married woman and I cheated. With an old co worker I didn’t really know and hadn’t seen in 10 years. It was at a time when I was going through perimenopause and I had depression and mood swings. Not a excuse but that’s what I was going through. My co workers always said he was sooo handsome. He popped up on fb one day and it started a non stop bombardament of how beautiful and sexy I was. Boy was I dumb. I fell for it. At the time he was stationed in Korea so I felt safe nothing was going to happen. We shared naked photos except mine had to be full body shots with my face.

I was so stupid to do that. One day he traveled 9,000 miles and texted he Gould be here the next day. I was panicked. I did not want to do it but I felt trapped. Didn’t last long he had ed problems and a cop drove by and it ended. Two days later I went to his room. He was in a hurry and that’s when I got my first real look at him. He was a big man and he had a near micro penis. I guess i was in shock at how small it was. Then he wanted oral but it smelled like armpit and ass so I couldn’t. That’s when the anger started to surface.

The sex was about 15 minutes with lots of ed problems. It sucked. I felt used. I don’t know why I didn’t end it. Maybe I was scared. He wanted video chat with me naked so he could beat off. Humiliating. He showed up once more and I went over to end it. But he was drunk and I was scared. I told him know but he did it anyway. Took 20 min for the pain to go away. Again massive ed problems. It was awful. For seven more months he hounded me for pictures. More and more degrading and humiliating. Controlling. He always asked how great he was in bed. I just told him good cause I didn’t want to make him angry. He always bragged how good he fucked me.

So I met him in his car and had sex

Made me sick to think of it. No more mister charming. Then I got caught and I was happy to get caught. Not that I wanted to hurt my husband but it ended something I couldn’t do myself. Did I affair down? Yes. I looked at him when I first met him and realized he wasn’t handsome at all. The charm he showed online was an act. In person he was a real dud. Then he changed into a controlling monster. His text and pictures were a way to beat me down if I was happy. I guess I was afraid of him. He is the exact opposite of my husband.


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