Know About Dental Implants

Know About Dental Implants How It Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Hello Patients & Well Wishers,

Introduction: I am Dr. Kuntal Soni, well experienced dentist from Aura Dental.

Today I will be giving you useful information about dental implants.

Our  tooth are  as important as diamond, but  due to any reason if you  lose your, teeth conventional options for replacing missing teeth like  denture & dental bridge has few limitations.


  1. Denture is loose teeth ,many a times its embarrassing at social functions
  2. Chewing efficiency is very limited with denture
  3. Repeated ulcers & sore spots are very common with denture
  4. Old aged look due to bone loss after tooth removal.

While limitations of dental bridge are

  1. Need to modify natural adjacent teeth
  2. In absence of healthy natural adjacent teeth bridge cannot be made
  3. Need for root canal in supporting teeth.

What is dental implant?

It’s a replica of tooth root made from titanium, which is placed in jaw bone which integrates with bone in few weeks and then over that fixed tooth, bridge or denture is made.

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Advantages of Dental Implants:

  1. Implants are fixed to jaw bone like natural teeth, so problems of loose denture like loose teeth, sore spots, and ulcer are completely solved.
  2. For seniors nutrition is very important with the implant you chew like natural teeth, which improves general health also. One can chew hard food like nuts, raw vegetables.
  3. One looks younger with implants than denture as bone is preserved
  4. Implant do not requires modification of healthy natural adjacent teeth.

Concluding Remarks:

Implants are the best teeth replacement option, you can chew like natural teeth, it feels & looks like natural teeth, implants are placed in jaw bone with simple local anesthesia like other dental procedure, implants can be placed for missing one, few or all teeth, so whenever you think for replacing missing teeth, think of implants &do take help of Aura Dental’s online resource or ask us if you have any query.Do share if you like this video. For latest update about dental services please subscribe our channel, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

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