Dental Treatment Checklist for NRI Patients in India

Dental Treatment Checklist for NRI

With 20 years of treating NRI’s from all corners of the world along with their feedback & suggestions, sharing few tips which may be helpful to them. Two class of NRI’s who seeks dental treatments at India.

#1 – Those who are migrating from India:

They may face trouble in a foreign land due to….

  • No or inadequate insurance
  • Difficult access to a dentist (not getting an appointment when required)
  • A dentist is unfamiliar (difference in culture)
  • Expensive treatment

Few dental tips before you leave country…..

  • Get infected teeth removed or Root canal treatment (RCT)
  • Check for wisdom teeth: partly erupted or cavity may trouble you.
  • Get fillings done to prevent infection.
  • Carry common medicine in case you need in an emergency.
  • Plan treatment in advance, don’t rush at the last moment. Leave some time at the end.
  • Select a dentist on the basis of competency & experience (Rupee saved may cost you dollars.)

#2 – Those who come to India especially for dental treatment or going for social function and get a treatment done.

India is preferred because of….

  • Cost: It is value for money along with social visit or vacation.
  • Time: Busy schedule in the foreign land, but while going to Indian on a vacation or social function it can be completed.
  • Familiarity: At times one may be familiar with a dentist at India rather than from different culture.

These suggestions may help them.

  • Pre Consultation: Discuss your dental problems, appointment time & other requirements in advance.
  • Time: Give required time for quality dental treatment.
  • Select a Dentist: Selecting a dentist on the basis of competency & experience. (Rupee saved may cost you dollars.)
  • Have some time at the end: Try to finish dental treatment well before you leave, in case of any unexpected issues; dentist has time to sort it out.
  • Accuracy, cost & time triangle: Ensure whatever dental therapy you get it done is accurate, value for money and completed in time.

If done properly & with right spirit dental treatment in India is value for money, delivered timely and as accurate as western countries. For more discussion with Dr. Kuntal Soni B.D.S, PGDBA, assessor NABH, You can drop an email us at or call us at +91-9328966383.

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