How Going to multiplex can cause Cavities?

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You might be puzzled how going to multiplex can cause cavities

Let me start with famous saying “Modern diseases are disease of civilization”

I will bit modify it “modern disease are due to modern lifestyle & food pattern”

With the passage of time our life style has changed and so is our food pattern. One of the major change in food pattern is increased in amount & frequency of refined sugar. And this refined sugar is the root cause for decay in teeth.

Let us understand how decay in tooth occurs

Three things are needed for decay in tooth to happen Tooth, Sugar, and Bacteria

Figure: to understand how cavity develops


Not only the sugar intake but its frequency & duration is very important.

Figure: to understand how frequency of sugar is associated to with caries


That means  “eating chocolate bar slowly over a period of three hours is more harmful for teeth than eating the same at one go” due to increase in frequency & duration of refined  sugar.

Now what happens in multiplex? A tub full o f pop corn along with aerated drinks (Cola). This will continue for hours as compared to 15 minutes if you take snake @ home. Sticky carbohydrate and acidic content in cola will make cavity very fast.


  • refined sugar can cause cavities
  • Its frequency is also important- greater the frequency greater the changes of cavities.

Hope now you will understand how “watching movie @ multiplex can cause cavities”.

So now whenever you go to multiplex make sure you take snakes at the interval   & make sure you rinse your teeth after that.

So don’t stop going to multiplex just change the eating pattern.



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