Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment That Can Improve Your Natural Smile

The smile of a person communicates a lot about the personality. It is often considered as the tone of the first impression. Are you embarrassed by the smile that you have? Do you want to get rid of the gaps that you have in the teeth or want to get rid of the dull and dingy teeth due to which you are reluctant to smile? Then the smile makeover can surely transform the way you actually look. The smile makeover is the procedure of improving the smile through the cosmetic dentistry process. The expert dentist utilizes the veneers, crowns or whitening procedure for imparting the patients with an extremely attractive and dazzling smile that you have always dream of.

The cosmetic dentistry provides an attractive smile with a brighter and also uniform set of teeth:

The cosmetic dentist in Vadodara goes a long way in extending the clients with new confidence and an attractive smile with a brighter and also uniform set of teeth. The dental team employed at the modern and sophisticated dental facility is fully engaged in providing a comprehensive smile makeover to make the teeth and smile look beautiful. The cosmetic dentistry in India is a highly professional oral care with a high-end focus on the improvement of the mouth, teeth and also the smile. The specialized dentistry processes in a majority of the cases are elective and not essential but in some of the cases, it imparts the restorative benefits too.

List of few of the specialized cosmetic dentistry services offered by the dental clinic

#1 – Veneers:

Dental Veneers Treatment

The veneers are developed from the medical grade ceramic material. It is custom created for each and every patient according to the structure of the natural teeth. It looks quite real and is utilized for resolving the issues of the crooked/chipped teeth, damaged enamel or when there is a noticeable gap in between the teeth.

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#2 – Whitening:

Teeth Whitening Treatment - Aura Dental

This is an extremely basic of the cosmetic dental procedure which is performed when the teeth have become stained and worn due to the intake of food, drinks, smoking etc.The whitening procedure is done after the cleaning of the teeth from the surface itself.

#3 – Smile design:

The cosmetic dental expert listens to the exact needs of the patients and helps in achieving the best possible smile that they have always wished for. Whether there is a problem of chipped, crooked, broken, discolored teeth or there is a gap between the teeth which affects your smile, the goal of the smile design procedure is to impart you the aesthetically pleasing and also natural looking of the smile.

Why you should opt for the cosmetic dentistry treatment in India?

  • The cosmetic dentistry in India is not only affordable but also highly effective through the utilization of the state of the art equipment and advanced technology.
  • There is no need to hide the smile anymore. Thanks to the cosmetic dentistry you can now show off your amazing smile whenever and wherever you want without any sort of hesitation.
  • Nearly 20% of the people do not possess the ideal bite. But after undergoing the most appropriate cosmetic dental treatment, the bite also improves in a tremendous manner.
  • Once your dental issues are fixed, you will feel much more confident and will be able to prevent the negativity with the right cosmetic dental procedure.
  • Once the dental process is being finished and the teeth are properly healed, you can eat and enjoy your favorite food. So now it is extremely nice to champ into your favorite delicacy without actually getting feared of damaging your teeth further.

Cost of fixing smile or designing actually depends upon the condition of teeth and also gums:

The cost of fixing the smile or designing actually depends upon the condition of the teeth and also the gums. The goal of smile designing procedure is to impart you an attractive and beautiful smile and a healthy set of teeth. The cost of smile makeover ranges in between INR 5000 to INR 15000 depending upon the complexity, material, and location. The zoom advanced teeth whitening process cost in between INR 12000 to INR 15000. When the filling is being done by using fluoride, the cost is INR 1500 but when the same filling is done through the utilization of composites, the cost incurred INR 3000.

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