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Lots of people inherent problems associated with conventional denture like….

  • Soreness of gums & ulcers
  • loose fitting of the denture
  • less chewing efficiency
  • Continuous use of denture adhesives
  • Over a period bone is resorbed which makes denture lose

There are few advanced options are available using your natural teeth or implants. But these options are more cost-effective, superior in chewing efficiency, and relatively simple.

What is overdenture?



overdenture is made by few of natural teeth or Implants which makes it more stable, and it stays firmly fixed with the gums.

Types of overdenture:

  • Tooth supported overdenture :

in this type of denture 2 to 4 teeth are prepared and a bar/ball is made over it, a small clip is attached under the denture which press fits over the denture.

Bar & clip type tooth supported overdenture ( actual case done at aura dental care)

  • Implant supported overdenture

When patent’s natural teeth are not present same way denture is made using implants.

Bar & clip type Implant supported overdenture (actual case done at aura dental care)

Ball & socket type Implant supported overdenture (actual case done at aura dental care)

Advantages of overdenture

  • Very simple your existing denture can be used
  • It is more stable compared to conventional denture so, no chances of soreness or ulcer
  • Press fit system makes it firmly attached to gums, so you don’t have to worry about the loose denture during social meets
  • All pressure is absorbed to the bone so you can chew more efficiently
  • More comfortable with the bulk of the denture reduced


  • Extra time & cost for preparation of teeth or implants
  • Due to use of attachments space for denture is reduced so these types of denture are more prone to fracture than the conventional one


If you are tired of very loose, ill-fitting denture or using messy adhesives ask your dentist about over denture it is cost-effective, relatively simple and effective option for your conventional denture problems.

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