All You Wanted to Know About a Designer Smile and Mountography


If you want to diagnose the health of your heart, there are many ways to do it including the ever-popular ECG. But about oral health? Beyond the routine check-up at your dentist, how well can one understand the health of your mouth and teeth? 

With advanced technology in dentistry, it is now possible to get the exact diagnosis of your oral health. After all, your mouth is just more than teeth. Your overall oral health depends on the health of your teeth, gums, muscles, skin, and even jaw joints.

New technology and innovative tools can identify the exact nature of problems that lead to tooth troubles. One of the key ways in which dentists do this is called Mountography. 

All about Mountography

Mountography is a specific dental diagnostic process that is used for patients with high attrition and myofunctional disturbances. Using moutnography, one can locate the etiological factor that is the root cause for many dental issues. In the mountography procedure, the mountograph(a device) is placed inside the patient’s mouth overnight. The results are taken on the next day. The dentist observes the change in the position of the lower jaw in reference to the upper jaw to understand the underlying problems and reach a specific diagnosis.

This is one of the most accurate tools for making an accurate diagnosis of any abnormality. The impressions of upper and lower arches are then created with alginate. A replica cast is designed to resemble the patient’s oral cavity. 

Impression of the upper and lower jaw teeth is made with silicon

Next, the semi-adjustable articulator and face bows are used to simulate the principal movements of the jaw such as at rest, while biting, from side to side, etc. This helps the dentist diagnose if there is harmony or discord in the movements. What are the exact challenges while chewing? What is causing excessive friction or bending force?

This allows the surgeon to provide a very accurate diagnosis and outcome of the treatment. 

Once we have designed the new structure, we will make provisional teeth and provide a frame trial and a brisk trial. Ultimately, you can ‘test drive’ your smile using acrylic teeth and experience the efficiency and appearance before the final treatment is done.

After the full rehabilitation is done, you will not only be able to chew properly, you will get rid of sensitivity and flaunt your brand new smile. 

What does your smile say about you?

A good smile is indicative of healthy teeth. It shows confidence and adds charm and magnetism to your personality. 

Do you smile enough? Are you confident when someone says cheese while taking photographs? Do you hesitate when eating some foods because they are hard to chew? You deserve not only a confident smile but the ability to eat whatever you like and chew it well. 

Health is wealth and you need to invest in a good smile, just like you invest in your body. Using advanced dentistry, high quality, and reliable equipment and the experience of decades, you can get the smile you want.


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