All you need to know about full mouth rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatments

Advances in dentistry and sophisticated techniques have now made it possible to improve your oral health and make your smile and life beautiful. But not everyone is a candidate for full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation. To understand whether you need it, first, let’s look at what full mouth rehabilitation involves. 

It may sound like a complicated process but full mouth rehabilitation is simply a combination of various restorative dental treatments that help you fix your oral health and smile. 

The goal here is not just cosmetic but also to strengthen and fortify your healthy oral tissues and teeth structure. 

The process of full mouth rehabilitation and the exact treatments used will depend on each patient and their specific problems. 

Designing full mouth reconstruction

If you have severely damaged teeth or infected teeth, tooth loss due to underlying issues or infected gums and periodontal issues, there are many reasons why a dentist might suggest a full mouth rehabilitation process.

Whether your teeth are damaged, infected, or lost, or your gums are diseased and need periodontal treatment, we offer a variety of services to address your unique needs. Depending on your condition, your full mouth reconstruction can include:

  • Dental crowns to restore, cover and protect teeth
  • Porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of several teeth at a time
  • Implants for full teeth replacement
  • Procedure to improve your biting function and ease jaw discomfort 

Who are the right candidates for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

There are a variety of reasons for tooth damage and loss. Right from bacterial infections to gum disease and trauma, many people have experienced severe damage to their teeth and gum health. The ideal patients for full mouth reconstruction need to be in good health overall but also have a number of missing or severely damaged teeth. 

People who have worn or aged-looking teeth, people who want a makeover of their smile design, those with worn or sensitive teeth, those who have lost their back teeth, or if you have here headache and clicking joints. 

Often full mouth rehabilitation patients need replacement of their existing dental restorations that become worn out through years of use. 

While full mouth reconstruction is a process that requires multiple sittings and appointments, the results are astonishing. A fully functioning mouth, excellent oral health, and a beaming smile that gives you confidence.

Almost all patients who need full rehabilitation have one thing in common: their mouth suffers from stress and strain. The stress is a result of malfunction or poorly related parts of the oral mechanism. The goal of this procedure is to minimize stress and strain so that they are not destructive. 

Consultation for Full Mouth Rehabilitation 

Full mouth rehabilitation is a unique procedure because it requires a greater degree of precision. Since teeth are replaced in multiple segments it is necessary to ensure they are harmonized with your joints.

To do this, dental surgeons conduct a mountography test for patients. Using the information, the patient’s teeth compression model is created using plaster of Paris. The jaw movement is then simulated outside to see how the structure functions. Dentists use a special type of wax mockup so they can plan and visualize the end results. This mockup is useful not only for dentists but also for the patients and technicians.

Before they create the final model, there is a smile test drive. Computer designed and milled acrylic temps are created so that patients get an overall idea of the teeth. This also enables the dentists to judge if the new teeth position is in harmony.

Ultimately, the final model is created. While opting for full mouth rehabilitation, do check the dentists’reviews. Those using semi-adjustable articulators and face bow can give you the perfect orientation and harmonize your teeth perfectly with your joints. 

The great thing about full mouth rehabilitation is that patients can go from no teeth to full teeth in a matter of a few sittings. The end result is so satisfying that nobody can tell the prosthetic teeth apart from the natural ones. 

Full mouth rehabilitation includes a combination of dental treatments is a highly customized treatment, tailormade for each patient.

Using technology, you can get the most desirable smile, comfort, and teeth that last you a lifetime. Full rehab treatment will not only help your appearance but also give you the ability to chew better and alleviate pain and sensitivity of teeth.

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