Dental FAQs

What can I expect from my first dental appointment?

  • Registration to get your basic data
  • Your medical history, any medication allergy etc.
  • Detailed examination for your teeth, gums, mucosa, T M joint & occlusions
  • If required: dental x-ray, study model, dental photography,
  • You will be given brief written report about clinical observations, diagnosis, tentative treatment plan along with cost. (After review of investigation like study model, x-ray , photography, mountography you will be given detailed treatment plan, cost & time frame for treatment & treatment alternatives)

Why do I need root canal treatment (endodontic therapy)?

When cavity is not treated and it reaches to the pulp of the tooth, one gets severe pain/sensitivity with hot, cold and pain while chewing. At this stage filling will not work as infection has reached to pulp of the tooth and needs to be treated with Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic therapy) to remove infection completely.

How can I take care of my teeth between dental checkups?

Floss and utilize the inter-dental brush each and every day for the removal of food, debris and the plague which is being lodged between the teeth. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking and limit your alcohol and sugar intake.

Why does my child need to see a Pediatric dentist?

1st set of  teeth are as important as permanent one as it keeps the space for permanent teeth and helps child have proper food during very important growing phase. A pediatric dentist has special experience in treating kids, as well as they will guide you about how to maintain teeth which will go long way for maintaining his dental health.

How long will the results of teeth whitening last?

Since teeth whitening process varies to a great extent for every patient, therefore everyone should expect the whitening procedure to last differently too. The whitening process may last anywhere between the period of two to three years. If you take proper care of your teeth and avoid some of the common causes of teeth discoloration then you can experience long-lasting results too.

How do fillings work?

Dental caries is a degenerative process; it done not cure by itself so during filling caries is removed & filled with appropriate material to prevent caries from spreading further. Filling is very good prevention measure one can take for long term dental health.

How can I prevent cavities?

  • Good  home care which includes proper brushing, flossing, rinsing after each meal
  • Have food good for teeth like fruits & vegetables
  • Avoid food which are not good for teeth: like refined & sticky carbohydrates ( i.e chocolates, chips, pop corns, aerated drinks, etc.)

How long will my dental restoration last?

Usually restorations last very long term if properly done & indicated. Very large & restoration involving sidewalls tooth Inlay, Onlay or crown may have to be done.

What should I look for when choosing the right dentist for me?

  • Knowledge to understand & treat your problems  
  • Experience & Skills to treat you
  • Gives you reliable advise
  • Infrastructure and Technology

What common dental problems are suitable for cosmetic dentistry?

Here are some common dental problems which are suitable for cosmetic dentistry.

  • Discolored teeth or yellow teeth due to age, tobacco, food.
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • If one is not happy with size & shape of teeth
  • If one is not happy with his smile
  • If one is working in the field of marketing, sales, modelling, acting and want to improve his /her smile
  • If front teeth missing

What type of toothbrush and toothpaste should I use?

  • Always use tooth brush which has access to all areas of the mouth ( small is better than very big one ) , use toothbrush with soft bristles so that it does not damages the teeth & gums.
  • For children below 6 years use tooth paste with fluoride with caution as they may swallow it. Above 6 years you can give tooth paste with fluoride.
  • For seniors use tooth paste with desensitizing agent with the consultation with your dentist as with age tooth roots may get exposed.
  • Use good flavour of tooth paste which kids  likes, to motivate them for brushing.

Why is visiting the dentist so important?

Going for a routine dental checkup is important not only to keep your teeth clean and polished but your dentist will also check the condition of the mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue to make sure there are no signs of tooth decay or anything which could potentially cause you any sort of the problem.

What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

  • Office bleaching is very  safe & non invasive way to whiten your teeth
  • If stain/discoloration is severe you can take help of composite or ceramic veneers to whiten your teeth.

What can be done to improve a smile using 21st century techniques?

You can be improve your natural smile by using below 21st century techniques.

  1. Smile analysis using digital photography and special software.
  2. Smile test drive to review how you will look after cosmetic treatment.
  3. Use of latest material like metal free crowns, veneers & bonding.

What are early signs of dental trouble?

  • Food Lodgement
  • Sensitivity with hot, cold, sweet & sour food
  • Chipping of tooth
  • Black discoloration of teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Foul smell

What is fluoride and why is it important to dental health?

Fluoride makes your teeth resistant to cavities. To prevent caries & if you have very high caries rate/index you can take help of fluoride tooth paste, mouthwash, fluoride application by dentist.

Should I go to the dentist when I’m pregnant?

  • Yes during pregnancy due to hormonal changes gums may have inflammation which needs special care to protect your teeth & gums.
  • With due precaution Dental treatment is safe during pregnancy.

How does the long-term value of dental implants compare to other treatment options?

Dental implants improves quality of life significantly, as compared to denture, dental implants are very close to natural teeth. One can chew like natural teeth, it feels & looks like natural one.

What are the disadvantages of dental implants?

  • Dental implants are the best available option to replace missing teeth but it’s not better than natural teeth so always preserve your natural teeth. As compared to natural teeth junction between gums & implant is weak link so one has to maintain oral hygiene fastidiously.
  • If done with proper planning & due care implant can last for very long term & has no disadvantages other than more cost than conventional options.

What are porcelain veneers and how do they work?

Veneers are thin layer of ceramic which are bonded to front surface of teeth which can change shape & size of your teeth to make your look significantly better & improve your self esteem.

What is dentistry?

Dentistry is the branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis, prevention as well as the treatment of various diseases and conditions within the oral cavity and the nearby structures as well.

How do I schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon?

In order to schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon, you have to visit our website and fill our appointment request form. Our representatives will contact you shortly to confirm the appointment.

Are dental X-rays safe and needed?

  • Dental x ray is very safe. Full mouth x ray survey is equivalent to radiation of taking sun bath for one hour.
  • Dental x- ray makes diagnosis & treatment very accurate & fast
  • If you are Pregnant x-rays can be taken with lead apron & thyroid collar.

What do I need to bring to my first dental appointment?

While visiting your dentist for the first time, you should be prepared to fill a new patient information form and also provide the dental practitioner your complete medical history.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

  • Improved self esteem due to improved smile.
  • Benefit in profession like marketing, sales, modelling and acting.

What should I do about bleeding gums?

  • Proper home care of teeth like brushing twice with correct method & appropriate brush
  • Cleaning of teeth by your dentist
  • Regular dental check up every six month

Does my dentist need to wear gloves and a mask, and how do I know he or she is using clean tools?

  • Yes for the protection of patient, dentist & staff it is very important to have all personal protective attire like glove, mask, and apron for doctors & bib for patient during treatment & examination.
  • Usually all dental clinic have their written infection control policy & procedure, which you can refer with the consent from the dental office.

Why should I floss, isn't brushing enough?

Brushing cleans only outer, inner & chewing surface of teeth but surface between teeth is not cleaned with brushing, which will be cleaned by floss. One should floss daily for long term dental health.

How can losing a back tooth affect my smile?

When one loses back teeth, front teeth are overloaded and due to abnormal chewing pattern front teeth wears abnormally & fast, smile line is changed which makes smile less attractive.

Are there any dental problems associated with diabetes?

Diabetes affects gums so one should be very fastidious about oral health if you have diabetes. Take proper home care of teeth, have regular dental checkups every six months to prevent gum problems.

What happens after my root canal (Endodontic therapy) is done?

During Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) infection is removed from tooth, within few days pain, swelling reduces, as tooth becomes non vital one need to go for crown after Root canal.

Can cosmetic dentistry improve the health of my smile?

Yes, Cosmetic Dentistry is an art & science to make your smile natural & improve it.

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